We trust you. You are welcome to download TrustWare without obligation. Our only condition is that you do not alter the file contents in anyway. There are no other conditions or restrictions to your use of these files. We encourage you to copy TrustWare freely in any format or on any media for distribution to whomever you choose.


The Knowing Utility will be adding new files on a regular and continuing basis. In addition, older files will be updated and revised whenever improvements warrant. To know if you have the newest files, and the lastest versions check this web site periodically.


The Knowing Utility will utilize two web formats – standard.html and Adobe Acrobat.pdf.

Standard.html files can be accessed with any web browser and load faster especially if you have a slower modem connection. They can be saved to your hard drive for reading offline, and they can be printed out, but results for reading offline and printing will vary and are not be very predictable. Also different browsers on different Operating Systems with different fonts installed can produce different visual results.

The files seem to display better on Netscape on MacIntosh computers and better on Internet Explorer on Windows machines. They also work best with the latest browsers. I do not have the resources to optimize these files for all browsers on all machines. Your best quality will be gotten by downloading the Acrobat PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat.pdf* files offer many advantanges. They can be read from within your browser. They can be easily saved to your hard drive to be read offline at your convenience, and they are also easily printed with predictable high quality results. Another advantage of Adobe's portable document format is they can be forwarded to others as email attachments.

*To read Acrobat files you must have the Acrobat Reader installed. To view Acrobat files within your browser you must also have the PDFViewer plugin installed in the plug-in directory or folder of your browser, and your browser's helper applications properly configured in your browser's preferences.

To view a Acrobat file within your browser just click on it like you would any other link. To save it to your hard drive, just right click and a popup menu should offer you the ability to save the file. MacIntosh users just click and hold to get the popup menu. If given a choice of saving as text or source, choose source.

The PDFViewer plugin is provided as part of the free Acrobat Reader download by Adobe. Installation instructions and lots of help are readily available from Adobe's web site.