What are TrustMarked files?

Trust is not a new word for humanity. It was coined long ago when the world was dominated by the adversary way. Trust meant that I could rely on you not to hurt me. It was safe to assume that you were not my enemy.

Synergic trust means means more. It means that while I can rely on you not to hurt me, I can further rely on you to help me. It is not only safe to assume that you are not my enemy, but I can count on you as a friend.

Friends, you are welcome to download files from The Time-binding Trust without obligation. However to protect the integrity of these files, we ask that you not alter their contents in any way nor remove this TrustMark label. There are no other conditions or restrictions. You are encouraged to copy the files freely and distribute them to whomever you choose.

If you discover that the files of The Time-binding Trust are of value to you, and you wish to support the Trust, you may choose to help us directly with your actions or if more convenient for you by making support payments. If your use of The Time-binding Trust provides you with continuing value, you are welcome to give the Trust continuing support. The amount, frequency, and timing of all gifts of support are entirely at the discretion of the giver.

We trust ourselves to have created a valuable service that will help you. We trust you to recognize that value and choose to help and support us.
We believe that helping others leads to others helping us.

We believe in Co-Operation. Co-Operation is operating together so that we all win.

You help.
Others help.
You help others.
Others help you.
You help others help you.
Others help you help others.
You help others help you help others.
Others help you help others help you.


The Give Help to Get Help Wheel was developed after an original concept of Daniel Quinn’s first presented in his book My Ishmael.

Synergic science offers us choices that can lead to a world that works for all humanity. This site will focus on presenting positive alternatives for our human future.

Synergy means working together—operating together as in Co-Operation— laboring together as in Co-Laboration—acting together as in Co-Action. The goal of synergic union is to accomplish a larger or more difficult task than can be accomplished by individuals working separately.

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Your gifts will be used to grow and improve The Time-binding Trust so that it can better serve all of humanity.

The TrustMark removes all barriers to the dissemination of knowing.

TrustMark 2001 by The Time-binding Trust